Ultimate Rock Light Kit Installation Guide

Transform your ride with our Rock Light Kit Installation Guide. This step-by-step guide covers everything from preparation and mounting to securing wires and setting up the Bluetooth control module. Enhance your ride's appearance and visibility effortlessly with Underglow Rock Light Kits.
Ultimate Rock Light Kit Installation Guide

What Comes In The Box:
- IP68 Waterproof Rock Lights (quantity depends on kit)
- Waterproof Bluetooth Control Module
- IP68 Waterproof Remote Control
- Mounting Bolts and Nuts
- 5ft Extension Wires
- Zip Ties 

Tools and Materials Needed:
- Drill with bits slightly larger than the included mounting bolts (optional for using bolts)
- Screwdriver
- Zip ties

Step 1: Preparation and Testing
1. Unpack and Layout: Unpack all components and layout as desired.
2. Initial Testing: Connect the wiring harness to your battery (black wire to negative, red wire to positive). Test the lights using the included waterproof remote or the LEDShow app. Ensure all lights are functioning correctly.
3. App Setup: Download the LEDShow app for Apple and Android, ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and pair with the control module.

Step 2: Installing the Bluetooth Control Module
1. Placement: Keep the module tucked up on the inner side of the frame, below the cab, and away from engine heat. This central location reduces the need to purchase longer 10ft wire extensions for certain models of rides instead of the included 5ft extension wires. 
2. Secure the Control Box: Use zip ties to secure the control box to the desired location. 
3. Wiring the Control Module: We recommend wiring the control module to a on/off switch to avoid the constant flow of power through the module.

Step 3: Mounting the Rock Lights
- In the Wheel Well:
1. Remove the plastic liners if present.
2. Place your rock light in the desired location and pre-drill holes that align with the rock light mounting locations.
3. Drill a third wider hole for the wire lead to fit through.
4. Use the provided mounting bolts and nuts to secure the rock light and feed the wire lead through the third hole. 
- Optional Magnetic Mounts:
1. If using magnetic mounts, purchase separately here, attach them to the pods with the included hardware and place them in the desired location.
2. Drill a hole for the wire lead to fit through.

Step 4: Securing the Wire Extensions
1. Route the Wires: Run the wire leads along the ride's existing wiring, keeping them tucked away and as high as possible.
2. Secure the Wires: Use zip ties to secure the wires tightly so they cannot be easily pulled out of place.
3. Connect to Control Module: Plug the wire lead into the corresponding Control Module hookup.

Step 5: Supplying Power & Ground
1. For the power source, you may directly use your battery; however, a switch is recommended to control the power flow through the module. (Simple on/off switch)
2. If available, upfitter switches are the simplest power source option. Ensure the power source is 12v.

Step 6: Bluetooth Remote/App
1. App Connection: We highly recommend connecting the app first via Bluetooth LEDSHOW.
2. Download the App: Download the app for Apple & Android and ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on without any paired devices.
3. Power Supply: Ensure your control module is efficiently supplied with a 12v power source and the fuse is in proper condition.
4. Pairing: Your device will automatically pair to the control module box, allowing you to control everything via the app.

Common Mistakes and Tips:
1. Control Module Box Placement: Keep the control module away from engine heat and secure it properly.
2. Wire Routing: Secure wires away from hot or moving parts to prevent damage.
3. Using a Switch: To avoid battery drain, always wire the control module to a on/off switch.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can confidently install our Rock Light Kits on your ride, enhancing its appearance and visibility. For more information and to explore our products, visit Rock Light Kit Collection.
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